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Incepatori11, 43 / 48
Respect, common sense, we alone contact men !!!! Without liars and you get it, we are fed up !!! Do not send requests without prior conversations !!! We don't talk to those without profile pictures !!! Swing, but only with the compatible ones !!!
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Alexandra89, 33 / 48
Looking for a woman from Timișoara between 18 and 70 years old
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doetan3, 25 / 26
Looking for a woman from Timișoara between 18 and 62 years old
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cuplu38, 40 / 40
WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE MEN We are not looking for single men only couples or single girls thanks for understanding nice swing 😍🥳🤩
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CrisTony, 32 / 37
Looking for a woman or couple from Timișoara between 26 and 40 years old
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Olivialyon, 42 / 48
Cpl beginner, married we want software, cpl, for the beginning.....🤗
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Cup2023, 39 / 48
Married couple, we want to try something new.
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Annaseba, 34 / 37
Open minded couple, still young, we want to know the feminine side of bi, but also couples for fun, etc. We ask and offer web We kiss you
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Serpentino, 34 / 35
Experienced couple
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arosu, 44 / 52
Former athletes, she is corpulent and attractive, and he is gentlemanly and athletic. We do not want people WITHOUT PICTURES, smokers and far from Timisoara. We are looking for stable friends from Timisoara area with real photos and complete profile, interested not only in an adventure, single men to be equipped, and non smokers like us otherwise, without problems with protections
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Threesuper, 41 / 48
Open couple, we are only looking for a sexy, interesting, smart woman for a wow experience.
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Valentinmonica, 31 / 31