Online dating Bucharest - Meet compatibile people

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Marian1975, 37 / 42
Socializing and more, with couples where the female part is bi or at least curious. We don't say no to a single lady with the same inclinations. Men, we were looking for them!
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Deea22, 30
Looking for a man from București between 31 and 41 years old
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aineli, 20
Looking for a man or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 30 years old
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SGabriel022, 21 / 31
Open to all Madness so long As pleasure remains on both sides, and common sense remains at home.
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cuplu1981discret81, 41 / 43
Looking for a man or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 46 years old
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Cuplu8387libertin, 35 / 40
We are interested to know. Couple 👫 or a girl 🧜‍♀️ for tangent moments and evenings with a glass of wine🍷 We are not interested in single men!... ...
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Violeta01, 35
Looking for a woman or man from București between 18 and 65 years old
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Iarina, 41
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MMA81, 41 / 47
Curious looking for a good masseuse
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Cuplu22cm, 45 / 50
Married couple. We do not want friends from couples who do not have 1 single picture. But also from single men. Just married couples. Serious couples or bi women who do not have profile pictures but also single men should not bother to write because they will be ignored. We confirm web. Thank you.
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vasiyou1968, 53 / 54
Most people do not know how to love or be loved, because they are cowards or arrogant or because they are afraid of failure!
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Cuplubi2019, 31 / 38
An open couple to anything about sex
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Minionii, 43 / 44
We are a couple, and we want to know only one woman, for threesome.
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Rainy, 51
Looking for a woman from Bucharest between 40 and 60 years old
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Mistik, 43 / 46
Married couple and open mind. In about 3 weeks we want to visit Bucovina, we are looking for a couple who wants to spend a weekend with us😘
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Curiosi73, 45 / 50
We are ok. We are not premium. We are waiting for messages 😘😘😘
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noidoicutine, 46 / 47
Married couple, discreet and serious, we are looking for a bi girl or a couple with her bi, people to whom we feel physically attracted and who mentally incite us, with whom to spend unforgettable moments ...
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bonculicii, 43 / 50
Cuplu vesel, normal in cautare de fata bi sau cuplu cu ea bi pentru nebunii. Fata bi sau cuplu cu ea bi.
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calluna, 55
I'm not pretty but I'm plump I prefer socializing in the area and alone
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Danyana, 49 / 50
Passionate, cute, and a little crazy :-) and he ... wow ... I think he gets a little :) Bisexual women or couples; we want to mention (after so much insistence) that we are not interested in single men (for now)
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Yryna13, 47 / 49
Desire and pleasure Curiosity
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LadyBI, 34
Hard sex !! If you fit in my prof's description leave me a message, possibly a viable way of contact! Discretion is important !! Excluded men alone - WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS - Without prejudice, without inhibitions, perverse, sociable, open and with many fantasies to put into practice ...: P;)
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Crywss1973, 31 / 43
We want to meet couples or girls. ..we like the madness.....excitement. we are open minded 🤪🥳 A married couple with a lot of fun and adventure.
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deeasm, 38
Lovers of adventure and nudism, looking for new sensations and above-endowed men 😁 I am not interested in men under 37 and common sense prevails over size.