Couples from Bucharest - Online dating & socialization

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Cuplureall, 30 / 38
Married couple, 9 years in swing. We were looking for fun .... Meetings
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swingcuple, 41 / 51
Couple of swingers wife bisexual wife looking for us as well. Please discretion, common sense and maximum cleanliness.
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bonculicii, 42 / 49
Cuplu vesel, normal in cautare de fata bi sau cuplu cu ea bi pentru nebunii. Fata bi sau cuplu cu ea bi.
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cristiloveelizza, 26 / 32
We are only looking for couples and single ladies alone men to abstain. Nice swing for everyone !!! Friendliness
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Crywss1973, 30 / 42
We want to meet couples or a girl without inhibitions. If you feel the need for a single man, we will contact him. A married couple with a lot of fun and adventure.
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joncris, 37 / 40
Married couple, nice, normal :))) and with good sense
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Cuplu22cm, 44 / 49
Married couple. We do not want friends from couples who do not have 1 single picture. But also from single men. Just married couples. Serious couples or bi women who do not have profile pictures but also single men should not bother to write because they will be ignored. We confirm web. Thank you.
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adirusu, 51 / 52
Married couple looking for new experiences, in three or four .... Woman / couple
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SorinaGeorge, 45 / 46
Looking for a couple from Bucharest between 28 and 48 years old
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valentinboss123, 33 / 39
Hi, we're a couple. roxana si vali 32 ia si el 38 we want to meet a single woman we don't want men or couples docandata we confirm on the web
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MIHAIsiALINA, 35 / 37
Young couple with her bi, he hetero passed for some time from the first experience and with a desire to swing decided couples and without too many coffees. we think one is enough to decide if we are compatible
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Minionii, 42 / 43
We are a couple, and we want to know only one woman, for threesome.
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Viosilili, 46 / 48
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AdrianMari, 34 / 34
We are waiting for you to write to us, we are not premium !! Couples, bi women! Bi women, couples!
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CupluForFun, 32 / 39
We are a well-to-do married couple looking for the same thing! We are beginners in sw! We are waiting for your proposals! ...
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AlexSimona30, 29 / 29
We are open and waiting for you!
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na1234567cpl, 35 / 48
Looking for a woman or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 50 years old
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LaurRaisa, 24 / 47
Looking for a woman, couple or ts/tg/tv from Bucharest between 18 and 46 years old
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Cristian73, 37 / 48
Sincere and very open to the new
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gbngbn, 35 / 36
We are looking for a girl or a couple for coffee tonight we are waiting for messages - NO COUPLE OF LOVERS -
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Alice80, 41 / 42
We are an educated, open minded couple. For unforgettable meetings. Sports fans.
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arici00, 49 / 52
Married couple the rest we talk to a coffee these people This Wkedul in Costinesti someone somehow these proposals
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Alexa89Laur, 32 / 33
We are looking for serious people who really want to meet us, we do not have a premium account
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noidoicutine, 45 / 46
Married couple, discreet and serious, we are looking for a bi girl or a couple with her bi, people to whom we feel physically attracted and who mentally incite us, with whom to spend unforgettable moments ...