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Gianina8Dan, 28 / 36
Friends.Holidays.Parties.Swing.Couples.Girls.Dark swing.Swing open.Full exchange. Lonely men please avoid us. Young couple. We are only interested in couples. Those without profile pictures avoid sending us a friend request. We do not swing out of boredom or that it is fashionable.
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Cuplunormal, 31 / 35
Couples or women everything is done with great discretion and maximum mandatory hygiene /// Excluding single men --- ///
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SorinaGeorge, 45 / 45
Looking for a couple from Bucharest between 28 and 48 years old
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CupluForFun, 32 / 38
We are a well-to-do married couple looking for the same thing! We don't want girls or boys alone! If you can't stand soap and water, don't bother! We are beginners in sw! We are waiting for your proposals!
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Dram1991, 29 / 35
We were looking for a deep spiritual and mental connection with 2 people like us. We are sapiosexual and we like open and intelligent people. ❤️
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AndreeaCristina, 28
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 28 and 32 years old
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GiuliaMuenchen2021, 47
The deepest sexual penetration is of the mind!
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Alexisss, 20 / 21
Menage a trois
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adirusu, 51 / 51
Married couple looking for new experiences, in three or four .... Woman / couple
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LadyBI, 32
Hard sex !! If you fit in my prof's description leave me a message, possibly a viable way of contact! Discretion is important !! Excluded men alone - WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS - Without prejudice, without inhibitions, perverse, sociable, open and with many fantasies to put into practice ...: P;)
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cristiloveelizza, 25 / 31
We are only looking for couples and single ladies alone men to abstain. Nice swing for everyone !!! Friendliness
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jonnycrisu, 23 / 39
Hello, we are Ionut and Crisu from Bucharest, we are looking for a couple or a girl for socializing and innocent pleasures.
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Cuplu20211, 34 / 37
We want a couple with the bisexual female part. Or girl 🥳
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sweetcouple8182, 38 / 40
Couple with her bi we are looking for couples or bi girls for friendship and pleasant moments Couple with her bi beginners looking for couples with her bi or bi girls
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Noi2havefun, 40 / 41
Married couple, beginner we want to meet another couple of close age, or Mrs., excluded single men
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MisteryTiger2021, 31
I am especially interested in women and ... couples. I'm not interested in single men. We talk about other details in private
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AnaMaria16, 21
Looking for a woman from Bucharest between 18 and 30 years old
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Viviy, 44
Looking for a couple or ts/tg/tv from Bucharest between 34 and 50 years old
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valentinboss123, 32 / 38
Hi, we're a couple. roxana si vali 32 ia si el 38 we want to meet a single woman we don't want men or couples docandata we confirm on the web
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NoiDoi3545, 35 / 46
Looking for a woman, ts/tg/tv or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 70 years old
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arici00, 48 / 51
Married couple the rest we talk to a coffee these people This Wkedul in Costinesti someone somehow these proposals
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4lovehot, 38 / 40
We were looking for people to talk to, to joke, to live the intensity of hidden fantasies 😍
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Cuplu88, 33 / 33
Hello we are marius and anca and we are looking to feel good couples willing to have fun in a pleasant place we are not looking for single men specifically only couples or single women
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Danyana, 47 / 48
Passionate, cute, and a little crazy :-) and he ... wow ... I think he gets a little :) Bisexual women or couples; we want to mention (after so much insistence) that we are not interested in single men (for now)