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curiosiitm, 36 / 38
Married couple looking for couple open to open swing or a bi lady even without husband involvement depends on everyone's openness
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DenissasiAndrei, 28 / 28
We are a couple! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 We are looking for an open-minded girl, guy or couple! 😈🙈
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Cuplualina, 37 / 40
We are looking for a couple, straight girl or boy (15 max equipment), we are not interested in the rest, we do sw, closed/open or soft, we have a location in Reșita! We are not interested in travelers, a boy for erotic massage Aline???
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Mitziii11, 24
If you want women with more attractive shapes or sylphs, it is clear that you are not what you are looking for on my page. I appreciate people with common sense and respect. I AM NOT HERE FOR RELATIONSHIPS nor for useless discussions.
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AlexiaLili, 19 / 31
Looking for a couple from Timișoara between 18 and 50 years old
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arosu, 43 / 51
Former sportsmen, she is full-bodied and attractive, and he is a gentleman and athletic We are looking for stable friends from Timisoara area with real photos and complete profile, interested not only in an adventure, single men to be equipped, and non smokers like us otherwise, without problems with protections
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mariamea, 40
A nice man
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teencouple, 24 / 27
We are a young couple, clean, discreet, open minded, eager for life and crazy, looking for couples or girls :)
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Noidoii, 22 / 42
He 44, she 22, we are on the site for real things. If you are single or a couple and you feel like anything other than routine write
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Incepatori11, 42 / 47
Respect, common sense, we alone contact men !!!! Without liars and you get it, we are fed up !!! Do not send requests without prior conversations !!! We don't talk to those without profile pictures !!! Swing, but only with the compatible ones !!!
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doetan3, 24 / 25
From Timișoara, to Brașov on August 19-21. We are looking for committed people who know what they want. (he recently got a haircut 😅)
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cuplu38, 39 / 39
WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE MEN We are not looking for single men only couples or single girls thanks for understanding nice swing 😍🥳🤩
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Andrey29, 27 / 32
Looking for a woman or couple from Timișoara between 18 and 40 years old
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Luana12, 48
Sociable, pleasant, with a sense of humor, selective, well-groomed. I ask people under 40 and without profile pictures not to waste my time, it's precious!
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Anny5, 34
Looking for a man or woman from Timișoara between 24 and 44 years old
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Luiza, 22
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Eu19892, 32
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Alice90, 32 / 32
Nice couple, clean, discreet, very open, we were looking to enjoy the pleasure to the fullest, with people as open as us. We love people with a sense of humor! We are not premium!
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Dea19884, 34 / 34
Looking for a couple from Timișoara between 18 and 40 years old
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Aura58, 64
I'm good! I'm here to find a quiet man to be ugly but with a clean heart, I hate a lie.
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Love4you, 48
Tired of lies, fakes and perversions
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Nice work
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georgiana34, 28
I want to meet nice ladies ... A pretty girl
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bigcoupletm, 25 / 27
Inexperienced beginners! We are looking for mature couples in particular and with a few extra pounds as our female part!