Women from Romania - Online dating & socialization

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Biaarad24, Arad
Who is not from Arad or Timisoara, do not bother to write anyway, I do not answer
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Ingercazut, Sibiu
Looking for a man, woman or couple from Sibiu between 18 and 40 years old
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GiuliaMuenchen2021, Bucharest
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 34 and 50 years old
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Z0riDeZi, Constanța
Looking for a man from Constanța between 24 and 46 years old
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Justme8, Cluj-Napoca
No friend requests, please !!! I hate lying !!!! So, be honest! I want to meet people only from Cluj! I am a direct, cheerful, sociable person and I want to meet people who are the same! P.s. For those from other cities: remember: I am not a tourist stop !!!
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Naomi1, Bucharest
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 34 and 70 years old
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valentina18, Targoviste
I'm a calm person
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Genewin, Bucharest
Make sure you read this profile carefully before you give up ... I am not interested in adventurers, opportunists, people with obsessions, various problems ...! Find what you checked on the profile !!!!!!! I'm not here for perverse masks who want to cheat on their partners! No bisexuals looking for transvestite transgender slave couples etc! You are not a man literally and figuratively you have nothing to bother!
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Ylav18, Pascani
I am cheerful, polite, active, sociable and I want a relationship with someone who has the same qualities. Uneducated people shouldn't bother me!
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Alys82, Bucharest
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 30 and 48 years old
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Danielly00001, Baia Mare
Looking for a woman, couple or ts/tg/tv from Baia Mare between 18 and 70 years old
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Mandolina, Pitești
I would like you to be a girl with a sense of humor, decent, bold, balanced, with imagination and to write correctly in Romanian. We discover the rest together.
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Mada005, Târgu Jiu
Sociable, open and ambitious !!! I'm just looking for honest people ... I'm not moving ..
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Antoniett, Satu Mare
Looking for a man or couple from Satu Mare between 18 and 44 years old
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Killah, Timișoara
Looking for one :) or couples close in age and appearance. Profiles without pictures ... No :)
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Viviy, Bucharest
Looking for a couple or ts/tg/tv from Bucharest between 34 and 50 years old
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AndreeaCristina, Bucharest
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 28 and 32 years old
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nicoletaalb21, Viseu De Sus
Looking for a man from Viseu De Sus between 18 and 22 years old
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BabyDodo92, Cluj-Napoca
Lasting relationship
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Senze, Bucharest
Quick and good feelings for this I know you want me. For a nice date
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Denisa2000, Bucharest
Looking for a woman from Bucharest between 18 and 50 years old
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Nicol77, Constanța
A beautiful relationship based on beautiful things
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getageta, Craiova
I'm good True man
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viozitatoarea, Alba Iulia
Just me... Pleasure...