Women from Romania - Online dating & socialization

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Marykriss29, Hunedoara
I am a beautiful, smart, sociable woman who cooks well
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Mariflori, Bucharest
Simple ...
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Bellla, Iași
Cheerful, friendly, parapsychologist. I'm looking for discussions, friendship. Gentlemen under 60 please refrain, Thank you!
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viozitatoarea, Alba Iulia
Just me... Pleasure...
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mirella75, Cluj-Napoca
& amp; quot; A true woman is not the one who conquers a thousand men, she is the one who refuses them all, for one
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Georgiana, Târgoviște
Sometimes you succeed and other times you learn!
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Mirela021990, Arad
Looking for a man from Arad between 32 and 40 years old
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Rainy, Bucharest
Researching, testing, adapting, evolving to a superior version . First you break the mind, then the body....
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Alys82, Bucharest
Looking for a man or woman from Bucharest between 38 and 42 years old
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stana, Resita
I'm looking for friends relationships friends and who knows ......
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irinadaniela, Roman
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sarah66, Ploiești
A normal person I'm looking for a woman ........ I'M NOT INTERESTED BY MEN !!!!!!!
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ancalilianac, Bacău
Looking for a man from Bacău between 47 and 60 years old
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crissbia, Iași
Looking for a woman from Iași between 18 and 70 years old
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rozmarin70, Târgoviște
A NO, decided for YOUNG PEOPLE, (for the moment I don't want anything), only virtual friends with PICTURES .. ”” CHAT ONLY
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claudiaclauclau, Bucharest
Hello! I expect you to see girls and couples! .. THE LORDS STAY QUIET AND NEVER DISTINCT USEFULLY RECEIVE A GREAT X FROM THE BEGINNING! Only those with validated account to clear any misunderstanding! ! Read
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LadyBI, Bucharest
Hard sex !! If you fit in my prof's description leave me a message, possibly a viable way of contact! Discretion is important !! Excluded men alone - WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS - Without prejudice, without inhibitions, perverse, sociable, open and with many fantasies to put into practice ...: P;)
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miruna1981, Bucharest
Bucharest to be
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Aura58, Timișoara
I'm good! I'm here to find a quiet man to be ugly but with a clean heart, I hate a lie.
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VMMI753, Reghin
If you want Sun, wait for the sunrise. If you want the Rainbow, wait for the rain. If you want Snow, wait for the winter. But if you want me near you, don't wait, tell me ..
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purisanca40, Bacău
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Maria942, Bucharest
An open minded couple or a mature lady for tonight? I'm Maria and I'm bisexual. I'm interested in a bi woman. Or a couple I want everything to happen open minded without too much restraint
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Lorelay1, Cluj-Napoca
30_ 45
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JUST4YOU, Bucharest
I am a tornado of eroticism sprinkled with passion and the desire to give and receive pleasure! Valid only for people from BUCHAREST! Hey MENS ... DELETE the FALSE profile of you😄😄😄 If there are WOMEN BI who want sensual intimate pleasures, passionate but also slightly perverse ... TAKE ME JUST 4 YOU 🙂 I AM NOT LOOKING FOR COUPLES !!!!!