Couples from Romania - Online dating & socialization

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newcouple2021, Cluj-Napoca
Mature couple. Lifelong nudists / naturists. Open for New Year's Eve parties. Visiting Bucharest, occasionally. Transylvanians. Time does not allow us to travel or long waiting time. Thank you for understanding.
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YuliaMihay, Timișoara
We have only one lord and we prefer to contact us if we decide and find something interesting. Thank you for your understanding. Couple looking for a discreet relationship with a couple or a lady open to open swing. We ask for and offer web confirmation
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Alexandraiulian, Bucharest
Couple from Bucharest with both civilized, educated, clean and discreet we are looking for versatile couples and men, casual relationships and friendship only from Bucharest to be educated, civilized and hygienic.
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CristianaAlex, Timișoara
Looking for a couple from Timișoara between 18 and 66 years old
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ussforyou, Brașov
Couple DON'T WRITE IF YOU DON'T HAVE PICTURES. Well, hetero, we are looking for single hetero couples, girls and men for fun only if it is a mutual attraction .... we make no compromise.
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Crywss1973, Bucharest
We want to meet couples or a girl without inhibitions. If you feel the need for a single man, we will contact him. A married couple with a lot of fun and adventure.
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deea1977, Suceava
Available only for Validated Couples .... Disabled people will be blocked. We repeat: DO NOT DISTURB, IF YOU ARE NOT VALIDATED.
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Cuplucluj, Cluj-Napoca
We are looking for an open couple for pleasant meetings. Contact with WhatsApp number.
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Daniuta, Arad
Discreet couple for socializing
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hotsweetdeea, Ploiești
Couple with her by 40 years, he straight 36 years, plus a life and intimate partner, by convinced 49 years. We are waiting for proposals! A couple, preferably married to her by, clean and discreet for the most hot games with us. Single men prefer the endowments, and the mature and full ladies for the husband.
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Cuplu8387, Giurgiu
Discreetly married couple with 7 years straight 🙋🙋‍♀️To get to know us the most appropriate would be to go out for coffee. We will look for single men! Thanks A Couple / Cuckold we find ❓ Only for the determined and serious 😉We are only interested in couples or single girl if they are ❓We are not interested in single men
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Mistik, Bucharest
Married and open minded couple, we are looking for couples
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MMM81, Bucharest
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Incepatori11, Timișoara
Respect, common sense, we alone contact men !!!! Without liars and you get it, we are fed up !!! Do not send requests without prior conversations !!! We don't talk to those without profile pictures !!! Swing, but only with the compatible ones !!!
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Stabili3, Sibiu
READ !! Serious, civilized, educated, we are looking for A couple, for ,,,,,,, friendship ,,,,,, !!! Quality not quantity ! Everything is beautiful and pleasant in four ,,,! If you send a request, and I accept it, but do not speak, I will delete it. We do not make a collection of virtual friends. If you are interested in us, write! If you don't know how to have a dialogue, don't start it !!!
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Cuplureall, Bucharest
Married couple, 9 years in swing. We were looking for fun .... Meetings
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Cosiica83, Oradea
Looking for a man, woman or couple from Oradea between 18 and 48 years old
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subidubi, Sfântu-Gheorghe
Married couple. She doesn't go alone !!
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Cristi898989, Craiova
Looking for a woman, couple or ts/tg/tv from Craiova between 18 and 70 years old
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Cupluarcuklod, Arad
Sex pleasure cv spontaneously and when we can for solo men.
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johky, Craiova
Looking for a woman or couple from Craiova between 18 and 64 years old
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LUKE67, Brăila
FRIENDSHIP AND SEX ... for men ... if you do not see we are a couple and we especially want a couple ... so ... do not ask for our friendship.
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cupluspam, Ploiești
Abstinent men k we are not interested dak we will need to choose ourselves
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seby79, Bacău
Discreet couple, with bi inclinations, without prejudices, we want to share our experiences and fantasies with nice people, ladies and couples. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY !!!