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niconicu, Sighisoara
We are waiting for proposals.
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erosafrodita, Brăila
Married couple, we are only looking for married couples (excluding lover couples, excluding single people regardless of sex).
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cuplurosi1, Sibiu
You don't have pictures, we don't accept friend requests We greet and respect everyone, we are a couple who know what we want from life, we do not like endless discussions, serious discreet .. those without pictures do not ask for friendship
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sarah66, Ploiești
A normal person I'm looking for a woman ........ I'M NOT INTERESTED BY MEN !!!!!!!
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gabibosu, Focsani
Sociable with common sense and 7 years from home. If we reason in unison we can meet with a magical evening. ps 16 = 18 Aug in Costinesti French golf leave contact details
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laura2201, Focsani
We are looking for a serious and determined couple ... married..curate..and very discreet .. we pray the unkind ... the overweight people and especially the frustrations to bypass us Couple or woman ..
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danaroxanaflorin, Craiova
We are a stable couple of 15 years together we are looking to meet new people nice jokes ... we like rock concerts, trips and we love nudism Just Soft Single girls or couples
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Danyana, Bucharest
Passionate, cute, and a little crazy :-) and he ... wow ... I think he gets a little :) Bisexual women or couples; we want to mention (after so much insistence) that we are not interested in single men (for now)
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LadyBI, Bucharest
Hard sex !! If you fit in my prof's description leave me a message, possibly a viable way of contact! Discretion is important !! Excluded men alone - WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS - Without prejudice, without inhibitions, perverse, sociable, open and with many fantasies to put into practice ...: P;)
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Denisivan, Focsani
A couple available this week. We are a beginner couple, married for 7 years at home.
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cupluLM33, Timișoara
We are looking for couples or bi girls ... single men are asked to refrain
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Aura58, Timișoara
I'm good! I'm here to find a quiet man to be ugly but with a clean heart, I hate a lie.
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arici00, Bucharest
Married couple the rest we talk to a coffee these people This Wkedul in Costinesti someone somehow these proposals
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Crywss1973, Bucharest
We want to meet couples or a girl without inhibitions. If you feel the need for a single man, we will contact him. A married couple with a lot of fun and adventure.
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Melivasi, Oradea
Beginner couple .. looking for a couple with whom to have fun to spend free time and feel good for soft start .....
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joncris, Bucharest
Married couple, nice, normal :))) and with good sense
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AndreeaCristi, Petrosani
We want serious couples with a desire to swing, not chat! We accept single men, over 1.78, who look good and can move when needed, not when they have the road or the mood. We only make plans with couples!
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baby56, Eforie Sud
I am a woman who wants something from life, a little love, romance, with a partner with the same affinities. I like outings in nature, sport, fishing. I'm looking for a partner for ...... happiness
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mariansilvia, Falticeni
Presentable couple, beginners .... From July 17 at sea in Costinesti..Gulf of the Frenchman
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Cuplu22cm, Bucharest
Married couple. We do not want friends from couples who do not have 1 single picture. But also from single men. Just married couples. Serious couples or bi women who do not have profile pictures but also single men should not bother to write because they will be ignored. We confirm web. Thank you.
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We are a beginner couple but still going through our first swing experience. We are looking for couples just like us to spend their free time in a pleasant way. We focus on common sense and dissent Friendly couples, to spend their free time in a pleasant way.
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florinflorinct, Constanța
I'm looking for a couple or a girl from the city, we are no longer premium, leave a phone number.
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VMMI753, Reghin
If you want Sun, wait for the sunrise. If you want the Rainbow, wait for the rain. If you want Snow, wait for the winter. But if you want me near you, don't wait, tell me ..
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ancalilianac, Bacău
Looking for a man from Bacău between 47 and 60 years old