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Rafa123, Oradea
Looking for a woman from Oradea between 18 and 26 years old
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Aedrin, Pitești
Couple, I was looking for a bi girl, for the spicy! If you are around 30-45 years old, you have a sense of humor, and you find pleasure in sparkling discussions, good movies, wine, we are waiting for you to meet us!
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Cuplureall, Bucharest
Married couple, 9 years in swing. We were looking for fun .... Meetings
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CupluForFun, Bucharest
We are a well-to-do married couple looking for the same thing! We are beginners in sw! We are waiting for your proposals! ...
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Noi7574, Sighisoara
If you are not really determined, please do not bother. We have a real profile that you see here we are and in reality, we confirm without problems. Swing pleasant to all. If you ask for friendship at least greet We are looking for something real.
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Nolimt, Brăila
Looking for a woman, couple or ts/tg/tv from Brăila between 18 and 42 years old
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Lili23, Bucharest
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CrisRox, Bucharest
We want to find a couple or a lady to have fun, feel good and make new friends.
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YuliaMihay, Timișoara
Married couple looking for a discreet relationship with a couple of close age open to open swing. Gentlemen, contact us if you find something interesting
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rubyaly, Bacău
We are looking for a couple or a bi girl for unforgettable moments! PS. do not send us your friend request if you do not have a VALIDATED profile!
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AlexSimona30, Bucharest
We are open and waiting for you!
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swingernew, Iași
We are looking for swing couples and single girls eager for an experience in 3! Excluding single men! If you are serious leave a wp number.
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Athena, Constanța
Looking for a woman from Constanța between 24 and 70 years old
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cupluTm22, Timișoara
Couple passionate about BDSM and old / young relationships, she is straight, we are looking for girls or couples with similar interests, especially so that she can explore her bisexuality. WITHOUT SINGLE MEN! Thank you
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cupluialomita, Slobozia
Married couple looking for couple for partner exchange.
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danasiluci, Cluj-Napoca
Anything for tonight? We are waiting for proposals to kiss you We are a young couple and beginners in swing and we are looking for such
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dexys001, Târgoviște
Sophisticated couple, with something '' experience '' in the swing, nonconformists, discrete, open to new and beautiful, emotionally and psychically stable, we seek to know quality couples, who know what they want, who with Repulsion - lying, vulgarity, narcissism. ,,, Excluding closed and soft swing
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CPL40CS, Resita
Only for soft swing. massage. erotic games. We only respond to common sense messages and those that meet our requirements. SOMEONE FOR A MASSAGE? We are looking for .. mature couples past 30 years without girls ... ptr.soft swing.massage. Erotic games. We are not interested in XXXL size. Only in our category. Leave message and layout ... ...
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adi32badboy, Resita
May brothers finished with friend requests already are not looking for single men awkward or unsure how to read ... if you want to see pictures xxx fucking google search and scutitine
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noidoi4fun, Brașov
Married couple, currently looking for a woman for pleasant moments in threes or a close couple in terms of age and appearance 😉.
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Gatos, Râmnicu Vâlcea
Rm. Valcea / Tg.Mures / Athens Greece, surroundings and more. We are a discreet, clean and sensible couple, we want to meet women or girls at the moment, web confirmation.
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crissbia, Iași
Looking for a woman from Iași between 18 and 70 years old
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rozmarin70, Târgoviște
A NO, decided for YOUNG PEOPLE, (for the moment I don't want anything), only virtual friends with PICTURES .. ”” CHAT ONLY
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cuplumuresby, Târgu Mureș
We are looking for a couple Married couple, nice, looking just similar. We want to meet eager couples, determined to meet with love. We do not want passenger relationships. We prefer couples to keep in touch