Men from Constanța - Online dating & socialization

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aur3lian, 36
I want to live my life as if every moment was the last Socializing, fun,
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mmmaaddaa, 46
Ordinary guy neither too much nor very much ... bisexual ... discreet open to any madness, fantasy .... Cliseu .... I am looking for what we are all looking for here ... to offer and to receive pleasure ...
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ionutzforyou, 33
A coffee for me in the evening and tomorrow evening in Brasov
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Neogen, 31
Looking for a woman from Constanța between 18 and 70 years old
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anonimcelebru, 38
He talks ... after the deeds. Details in private.
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didu01, 33
Personality and character
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shh31, 42
Relationship, friendship, sex
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netbus2013, 49
"Young" bachelor passionate about nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, exact sciences, painting ... etc --- I would like to meet a woman who is passionate about sarmalute in beef leaves, Oscar de la Renta, french fries, I'm not what I seem to be - I'm nothing I wanted to be! ... But because I was born without knowing, Or too soon, Or maybe too late ... I resigned, like anything good Christian, and I didn't ..
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Georgio79, 44
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Lucian969, 40
I invite you to a smile, it doesn't cost you anything ... 🙋‍♂️
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Alexander3009, 25
Bull with experience
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Adymaryo38, 43
I offer relaxation massage to ladies and couples who want beautiful moments spent together