Couples from Constanța - Online dating & socialization

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florinflorinct, 37 / 41
We are looking for a couple from Constanța
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Eda67, 44 / 49
We are a discreet and lively couple ... we want unforgettable experiences with another woman or why not a couple like us!
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Klausmary, 49 / 56
We, exactly as you see us We are a discreet, clean couple, both convinced heterosexuals, unmarried. We want to meet couples. No overweight people! We only respond to profiles with photos! Only closed swing.
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Couple123, 23 / 23
We are looking for a couple to satisfy our fantasies of swing, soft swing, we are open to any fantasies and we want to try new things
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Bestyuta, 38 / 40
Looking for a couple from Constanța between 18 and 62 years old
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Cupluconstanta22, 22 / 28
In search of fun and adventure, do not bother unnecessarily! Couples
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Alex4Nick, 44 / 45
We are looking for serious and sensible couples to make friends and socialize .... we are very sociable with a sense of humor and we like fun ... !!!
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Justus66, 33 / 47
We want to meet interested people, able to have a discussion, with a sense of humor, eager for adventure, without dramas, open to any challenge!
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Hot43ways, 32 / 32
Couple looking for a Girlfriend. Drinks and good times.
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Crisank, 30 / 38
Looking for a couple from Constanța between 18 and 40 years old
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Cupludragutcta, 37 / 41
We are from Constanța and we are looking for friends 😜😜
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VioMiruna, 25 / 26
We're looking for a girl for fun, three of us. We're a young couple
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Adri2ionut, 33 / 33
Hi we are a nice couple looking for a girl.
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valivalentina, 48 / 50
Looking for a couple from Constanța between 40 and 50 years old
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Dornicii, 34 / 37
We are looking for a mature couple or single but still mature
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Swing4sex, 34 / 36
Young, inexperienced, shy, clean, with good sense, we are looking for couples for dating, socializing and sex. Hygiene is also the first 7 years at home. For starters, we want to experience a soft swing! We are looking for couples for dating, socializing and sex.
CupluAlinaRobert, 34 / 41
Very Ok couple we want to meet people like us .... We are waiting for exciting proposals from those who came to the seaside, Vama Veche-Costinesti
Adonnis, 42 / 45
AnneRemus, 30 / 41
!We want maximum discretion! We are a married couple, and we are looking for men to satisfy our pleasures and fantasies together❤❤🥰 ...
alma091980, 42 / 45
Couple of constant lovers, interested in fulfilling their fantasies... Another couple, or girl ... the rest is settled later, it's better that way.
JuliaCiprian, 42 / 42
We are looking for bi types and couples, only people close to us as we see that on this site we can no longer send messages, so leave a contact
swingcta69, 48 / 48
We want to know the determined lady / lady / couple, with good sense and discreet for ... we are waiting for proposals ..thank you ... leave a way of contact..May be a he..married, over 40 years .. Only for couples, who know what discretion means, common sense.
geicta, 49 / 56
Beginners Patients with beginners
vasvali91, 47 / 52
Mature couple passed the first experience She hetero the active bi Couples, women and men bi passive, versatile