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Cplbuc, 29 / 41
Common sense
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Cpllnou2014, 35 / 38
Crazy :) and ff open. Couple from bucket 36-33 years old.
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GeaninaMik, 36 / 37
There are a few days left from this vacation and we want to have fun. We are looking for couples for fun or long-term friendship
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cupluinteresat, 45 / 45
Married couple, {hetero}, clean, discreet = simple.We are looking for a compatible couple to feel good with each other - we expect proposals! ....... {protected sex} we want real friends, not just virtual ones Only determined real couples {with photo} We have room for ... It does not allow us the free time to move .. Hygiene and discretion are priority
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Loveyou, 30 / 31
We are two sincere people who are crazy. . .
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IoanaGby05, 24
Looking for a woman from Bucharest between 18 and 40 years old
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Alina90, 31 / 40
Hi, we are a married couple..We want to meet male and female couples, single, beautiful people with good sense open to what it means to us. Without inhibitions. Go Pupacim 😍 Single women couples
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merrycristi, 27 / 30
Hello, we are curious and eager for new experiences. We are looking for educated, communicative people, we are not interested in men who only have pictures of p..a and those who have no pictures at all. I ask those who are unable to write two coherent sentences to refrain! We don't go out for coffee after a good one, what are you doing?
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Alexsiella, 30 / 31
Cute ... open and eager for adventure! If you are like this we expect you in private! I beg the men to abstain .... we are not interested !!!! We want to meet open people with whom we can enjoy pleasant moments! Age and weight close to us!
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beyhive, 37
Gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive. Looking for a lady
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rel4cam, 49 / 51
Looking for a woman or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 50 years old
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Renata1996, 25 / 26
Looking for a woman or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 32 years old
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CupluBucuresti1, 29 / 30
We are a couple from Bucharest, we are looking for ladies, ladies for a long term relationship in 3
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Alexandrafatabi, 40
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 36 and 46 years old
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AliGabi, 33 / 33
We are neither too much too much nor very very 🤣, but we know what we are looking for and what we want. numbers of you
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renataleonard, 25 / 26
Looking for a woman or couple from Bucharest between 22 and 38 years old
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Mystique29, 32
Looking for a woman from Bucharest between 18 and 34 years old
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CornelSiMaria, 27 / 39
mhaisidana, 49 / 50
We are a couple with good common sense We are a married couple we want to meet a couple have a gifted boy
nexttopmovie, 28 / 37
Young, discreet couple with a sense of humor, ready for fun. we are looking for experienced, perverted mature people, for a discreet, long-lasting old / young relationship. We are looking for indecent, perverse people to dominate her.
nataliaandreea80, 37 / 40
Looking for a man or couple from Bucharest between 18 and 68 years old
doritoare81, 34
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 20 and 50 years old
plexi, 29
Looking for a man from Bucharest between 18 and 50 years old
Cristinikaa18, 19